Thursday, December 11, 2008

And Then We Were Here...

It's been a while. Not much can be done about that, so I'll ignore it and move forward.

I'm living again. As appose to voluntarily keeping myself in stasis.

Meaning, I've been holed up in the 'Great' Northwest for the last 5 or 6 years. Now I'm out and hitting the ground running. Footfalls slapping the street and leaving tread all over Chicago, Illinois. It's been a few days since we arrived. The novelty has not worn off and I doubt it ever will. Time will be my judge.

My theory on the last 5 to 6 years is that I was whisked away on a necessary adventure to test my own mettle, find out what I can really do, and do well. I think I have. Again, time will be my judge. This in itself was due to my stunning and impeccable warrior sister Nettie, whom you'll hear about often and at length to a repulsive degree, I'm sure.

Also, to meet a few much needed comrades in this, the strangest of times. My personal friend, and co-discoverer of the Post-Nada movement: Michelle Knowlen. Check out her dark little playground of mental aversions to the right, at Eggman Studios. Then there's the novelist Elsa Watson ( and her partner in crimes against the status quo, Kol Medina. Amy Spleen, who'll show up more to the right once I find out where she might be hiding on this world wide web. An artist to be reckoned with, to be sure. Charley Pavlosky, with whom many cinematic adventures have been met and mastered. Christina Marie, Suzy Redfern, others and others. They 'll pop up sooner or later.

Another reason: from the saftey of the land the Hopi deserted for lack of challenges, I was able to veture to India, Austria, here, there, back again. All of it, and everyone that has become integral to who I've become, are tangled in my intrepid armor of mental thread. You'll come to know them as brothers and sisters soon enough. Ben, Abe, Nettie, Ari, all of them.

And, lest I impale myself on my own sword, I must reveal the true puissance, the sinew and tendon weaver of my constant creation engine: Nadja Smith (the 3rd co-founder of Post-Nada). Like a newly minted Replicant, I drive on with little to no regard for expiration or injury in my forays with art and the world in general.

Enough! Enough! Enough about me and mine, let's get back to just me.

Below you will also notice a few new paintings. These are my latest spear thrusts into my mission of living by my own means as a professional artist. I have been painting comic book covers in acrylic. I love it. I paint it right on the BlueLine art board (3 ply). I'm thinking of painting everything on art board from here on out. The way it the paint slips right across the paper, exactly where you want it to go. The layering and mixing. The drying and blending. It's all too perfect. For me anyway. I can see how someone can fall in love with the atavistic rough hewn canvas, even addicted to it, snubbing such things as paper and all its slick contemporaties, but not me. I'm in the pulp for the long haul now.

Ecologically unsound, you say?

Well yes, that's true. If any of you find 11"x17" art board that's been recycled to a planet friendly level, let me know and I'll drop what I'm doing.

I'm waiting for the returns on the comic covers. Copies of which are sitting on editor's desks, in their computers or molding at the bottom of their trash cans.

No news is good news with Gary Gnus, is what I say. Or rather, what Gary said.

When I know you will too. And with that sentiment I will leave. The times ahead are strange and kinetic indeed. Moving, paths crossing, shadows, smoke and mirrors. Who knows what's what until we hit something. Well, I guess we will.

So till then



Elsa said...

Yo, yo! Hey, we're honored to have been a part of your deep northern experience. Can't wait to see what kind of wild stuff comes out of Chicago while you're there. We already heard about the affect you're having on state politics....

Eggman Studios said...

Well hello there, sir. Good to see you alive and well and kicking up a storm. Chicago had better brace itself for the onslaught ahead, eh? I haven't seen that Doctor Strange cover yet--wowza, it's totally badass.