Friday, July 4, 2008

We Slept Too Long...

So here we are.

An unfettered outlet for my ink-stained fingers to relay whatever I find worth saying about my own creative gauntlet and all that entails, for good or ill.
Being one of the tree founding members of Post-Nadaism I would expect minimal explanations and maximum tomfoolery, driving rants about music, friends and their artistic exploits and influence, movies, socio/political headbutting and whatever other text based throat yogurt I want to splash all over your screen in regards to what I'm doing in my grinding night-drive through the unpredictable streets of experience in this day and age.

Tell me if I hit something!

So there's that. The paintings scattered around the screen at the moment are my own acrylic swipes at my normally monochromatic world. I'm still a babe in the street as far working with color goes. I'm running with influences, observations and dusty old instructions on form/function learned long ago in a condemned brick classroom in Florida. As I push & pull the brush along the canvas more and more a style that might just be my own swells under my current mode of painting. Some day it'll emerge and we'll see if it's really a creature that will earn its room to breathe or a trip to the lake in a sack. That day of judgment is still a ways away yet. For the time being I'm simply going to do what I do.
The influences, if you're interested are:

Nadja Smith
Michelle Knowlen
Bill Sienkiewicz
Ashley Wood
Lynn Varley

And others. I'm sure I'll ramble about those named and unnamed sooner or later. Check out the names on a PicLens search. Those that have obviously had no visual influence have a theory/practice influence.

It's 5:24am and I don't feel like going on at the moment.

So, till next time

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