Thursday, October 1, 2009

Alright, just a quick one while I'm here, so as to blow a few cobwebs from the corners.
I'm busy as all get out at the moment illustrating 2 and a half books, Legion, SOAR and a pitch for something larger. The first Issue of SOAR is completely finished and on its way through the mill, Legion #1 is being colored by the great Jason Mullikin as we speak, and the pitch, titled Red Summer, by Dan Fleming, is sitting in my notebook in the form of deeply coded squiggles of ink, otherwise known as Rahb's Thumbnails for a Better Tomorrow.
It's October and I'll be expatriating in 5 weeks, so I need to get crackalackin' on these so as to have the resources necessary to make it all the way to Vienna, and not be forced to join the ranks of paper robed men & women in the airports halfway hrough.
I'll report more later,
Until then,


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